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Published: 14th March 2012
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Now a dayís nano technology is often heard word in our society. In every machine and other instruments we use so many substances. In that the weight of object is depends on using substance. For example take base ball bat. It should be strong and convenient at the same time it should be less weight. Aim of the nano technology is to make an object smaller in size and weight less with effective working. Yet nano technology is very useful but at the same time it is very dangerous than that.


The news is coming related to CNT (carbon nano tubes) as dangerous to our health. Based on fresh information nano particles are released also from laser printers. Primarily nano means hundred core parts in second. This tells how micro it is.

So many things are making by using nano technology. Nano technology is using in sun screen, lotions, fuels, paints, socks, electronic instruments and sport gallery etc.

The substances which are having less than hundred nano meters having characteristics of optical magnetic or electrical characteristics these substances are called nano substance.

Mainly used nano particles are silver nano particles, Titanium oxide nano particles, Manganese nano particles and Cerium oxide etc.

These nano particles may enter in to heart, liver and brain like important organs. Still we donít know the toxic influence of these particles present days. To known the toxicity of nano particles we donít have that much of knowledge. To gain this knowledge almost above ten years may take place.

The estimation of evil action of nano technology is very hard to find. The chemical compounds which are used as nano technology because of their different characteristics even scientists also not able to clarify them. First of all we need to known nano substances are dangerous or not. Scientifically to known the toxicity of one chemical first of all we conduct experiments on animals with high dose.

But in case of nano substances determination of chemicals is not enough. We also need to known particle size and physical characteristics. Nano substances are in different forms. So, we get confuse to choose a substance. They have different sizes and shapes. They have different morphological characters. If arise little difference in experiment it may leads to difficult result. Nano particles are dangerous in large particle size? Or in small particle size? In this also scientists does not have unique opinion.

most estimations said the substances like carbon nano tubes, iron oxide nano particles and 60 or more carbon atoms having balls may dangerous and poisonous to our health. Especially when we examine in any way carbon nano tubes are seems like very dangerous. Mainly they cause lot of respiratory disorders by breathing carbon nano tubes. It may leads to cardio vascular disorders. It is dangerous just like fog from diesel engines.

Nano technology is also used in drug manufacturing and solar batteries manufacturing also.


-In sun screen lotions titanium di oxide or zinc oxide like nano particles are used.

-This enters in to our body through skin.

-It enters into water when we rinsing. It enters in to air when we throw away the containers.


In Europe mix cerium oxide in diesel to reduce fog. By this nitrogen
oxide and carbon mono oxide levels are diminishes.


In paints silver nano particles to prevent adhering of insects. Silver particles are also used in kitchen ware, cell phones, dolls and condoms.They enters into atmosphere when they diseased.


-To prevent bacteria and bad smell Silver nano particles are used in socks, under ware, shirts and uniform etc.

-These particles are absorbed by skin through cloths and it enters in to water when washing.


-Carbon nano particles are used in LCD screens.

-It is used in clips to reduce heat. Manganese crystals are used in batteries to increase capacity.

-The danger may be less when we are using above instruments. But when throw out these instruments the nano particles may pollute atmosphere.


Carbon nano tubes are also used in golf clubs, base ball bats, tennis rockets and cycles to reduce their weight and make stronger.
The danger is very less when using this but, when they throw out or broken results particles pollutes air and water.

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